About CloudTruth

Our Mission:

CloudTruth is conquering cloud configuration complexity.

What We’re Trying To Accomplish:

Tracking configuration changes in dynamic cloud environments is a growing challenge for most engineering teams. Configuration is becoming more decentralized and expanding in scope, leading to an exponential increase in the number of settings that can be touched by each deployment. CloudTruth is a configuration orchestration platform designed to solve this problem.

Infrastructure and application service misconfiguration is the leading cause of outages, security breaches, and performance degradation. A 2020 Divvy Cloud study of publicly-reported breaches estimated that 21.2 billion records were exposed in 2019 at the cost of $3.18 trillion., We learned in 2019 that one to five minutes of downtime cost Google upwards of $500,000 (never mind the cost to those who depend on Google) and an hour of downtime cost Amazon nearly $5 million.

Our Team:

CloudTruth is a venture-backed company. The founding team has a combined 40+ years experience building and running large scale cloud services.

What We Offer:

A configuration tracking service to help DevOps, compliance, security, QA and other interested parties that need to know when critical settings are about to change.

cloudtruth founding team

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