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Application Deployment Reliability

Sync and share secrets and config across teams, projects, and environments -- GO FASTER

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Consistent :: Secure :: Expected :: Releases

Many teams, many projects, one source of truth.

Configuration complexity causes unplanned downtime, security lapses, and decreased deployment velocity. Without a synchronized view it is nearly impossible to manage your configuration across all the teams, projects, and environments where config is touched every day.


Teams that use CloudTruth achieve better uptime, enhanced security posture, and increased innovation getting their new features to product faster.

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Secrets and Config Control Plane

A centralized configuration platform provides a top-down view of your configuration for infrastructure, apps, pipelines, and secrets. Teams get more consistent and reliable releases across all stages.


Unite Your Team Around a Single Source of Truth

On-board developers faster, increase your deployment velocity, strengthen your security posture and eliminate repetition.


Resilient Consistent Application Releases

One source of truth unifies teams to know and use the right parameters and settings at the right stage for pain-free deployments.


Managing Secrets at Scale is Getting Harder

Decentralized, microservices [expand optional]

Synchronize multiple secret stores, confidently rotate secrets and inject them at the perfect pipeline stage.


Deploy with Joy

Inject secrets and config parameters at the app dev phase empowering your DevOps team to test and deploy reliably and on schedule.

CloudTruth Enhances Your Existing Tech Stack

We know you have major investments in your existing configuration tooling. With CloudTruth's input and output integrations, there is no need to overhaul current systems, which enables quick implementation.

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One place to manage BUILD, DEPLOY and RUN TIME Config

Oh, absolutely. Fantastic. If I can make one API call and get all the configuration that I need for an environment, that's fantastic. This is something that could save us a lot of time and money.

Greg K. | Sr. DevOps Engineer

If this [CT] works the way you describe, it's the "holy grail" tool that many DevOps teams want for themselves.

Richard P. | Sr. DevOps

I haven't seen anything like this. I like it.

David B. | Cloud Architect

Candidly, you guys have got something good here. I like. To be honest, if it was crap, I'll tell you. And I don't see crap here.

Phil M. | VP DevOps

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Automatically discover and populate current settings giving you immediate visibility across your systems and giving you the control and power to take action. -- No obligation free trial.