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CloudTruth with AWS Secrets Manager

Add superpowers to AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store

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Get the Most Out of AWS Secrets Manager

Customers like the convenience of AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store. 

But they love the added benefit of using CloudTruth with these two AWS native services. 

The Dynamic Secrets & Config Engine synchronizes bi-directionally with AWS SM and PS, offering these benefits:


  • Secrets continue to remain in AWS SM
  • Continue to fetch/inject variables from SM and PS... no clients need a code change, accelerating adoption
  • Organize key names more efficiently, including a DRY hierarchy
  • Simpler role-based access control (RBAC) allows audited, protected access to secrets
  • Compliance change management reports for SOC2, FedRAMP, ISO27001 
  • Easy secrets and certs rotation



A Better Way to Manage Secrets

Learn how CloudTruth helps decouple secrets management and parameter settings from consumption.

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Popular Use Case

Fix Leaked Secrets
Easy Rotations

A secret will inevitably leak into a log file or get exposed to the public via a repo or open storage location. 

With CloudTruth, rotating secrets is easy and reliable. 


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