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Why CloudTruth?

No matter what your configuration needs are, CloudTruth’s configuration management system helps you scale and sync secrets for infrastructure, apps, and pipelines.

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Kubernetes Configuration Management System

Automatically create and update ConfigMaps, Secrets, Helm Charts or any CRD. CloudTruth’s open source Kube operator is the easiest way to manage your Kube config.

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Terraform / IaC

Manage the inputs and outputs for Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi or any other IaC tool.

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Secrets Management

Securely track, sync and share passwords, API keys, SSH keys, and certificates with robust role-based access controls to protect sensitive data. 

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CI/CD Pipeline Configuration

Inject the most accurate config at the perfect time into CI/CD pipelines. No more leaking secrets into log files.

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Together, Let’s Untangle Configuration Complexity

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