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NSA / CISA Warning on Misconfigurations

The recent advisory from the NSA and CISA sheds light on prevalent misconfigurations in many organizations, serving as a crucial reminder for DevOps professionals to bolster security measures. 

These insights are not merely a call to action but a roadmap for integrating robust security measures within the DevOps lifecycle. Notably, the advisory advocates for:

  1. Removing default credentials
  2. Automating patching
  3. Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA)
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Master your Input Variables

One of the most challenging DevOps tasks is getting config and secrets "just right" for every component in your system.

Whether that's config for infrastructure or applications, generating a consistently perfect config file is a real challenge. 

In this video, we dive into how CloudTruth avoids misconfigurations with a new way to manage input variables. 

Misconfigurations ruin team morale CloudTruth

Top 3 Reasons Misconfigurations Slow Deployment Velocity

Misconfigurations are literally 100% of the reason why things go wrong. Whether it's from a security perspective, an infrastructure perspective or a simple accidental button click.

When you try to deploy an application and it fails, what's the reason? Misconfigurations.

From a security perspective, Red Hat states in the State of Kubernetes and Container Security report, 70% of security vulnerabilities were due to misconfigurations.

Most of the time, these misconfigurations happen because of a wrong button click, or someone accidentally put the wrong value into a variable or a parameter. Although mistakes happen, a lot of them can be avoided.

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