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CloudTruth Quick Start

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CloudTruth makes it easy to deliver accurate secrets, parameters and variables across your entire platform.

1. Create your free-forever account

2. Review Getting Started documentation

3. Watch these brief videos to get started

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Step 1 - CloudTruth Introduction
3 min

Take a deep dive into the CloudTruth configuration sync platform.

CloudTruth decouples the management of configuration data from how secrets and parameters are consumed, getting your team aligned on your configuration's single source of truth. 

One API, CLI, and GUI to share config at scale across dev, ops, and security. More perfect deploys are within reach.

5-minute Overview

In-depth Overview




Step 2 - Define your Environments
5 min

A fundamental CloudTruth feature is managing the provisioning configuration for all your environments. 

Use CloudTruth to ensure your dev, staging, and production environments are provisioned correctly.

CloudTruth Environments allow you to model your organization's hierarchy and define parameter values specific to the Environment you are working in.
Each CloudTruth Organization starts with a default Environment as the parent and development, production, and staging.
Parameters inherit values from branches in the Environment tree, allowing you to have a common default value throughout the Organization while granting fine-grain control over those values where required.






Step 3 - Define your Projects
5 min

A CloudTruth project allows you to isolate parameters and templates for specific use cases within your organization.
Each CloudTruth Organization starts with a default project MyFirstProject where parameters will automatically be created. CloudTruth Environments are common to your organization and are shared across all projects.





Step 4 - Add your Integrations
5 min

Our Integrations help you quickly get started with some of your most common workflows.

These steps allow CloudTruth to access config data from your other parameter and secret stores. 







Step 5 - Manage Secrets and Parameters
5 min

Sharing and syncing secrets, parameters and ENV variables at scale is one way to get your team on the same page and accelerate deployment velocity. Learn how CloudTruth is the easy way to achieve more perfect deploys.







Step 6 - Manage Users
5 min

The User Directory allows you to invite additional interactive users to your organization and to specify organization-level Role Based Access Control.

Organization owners and admins can invite additional users and set their initial role. An Organization Owner may invite other users as Owners.

An Organization Administrator is allowed to invite other users as Administrators rather than as Owners.



Step 7 - Install the CLI
5 min

The CloudTruth CLI tool interacts with the CloudTruth configuration management service.






Step 8 - Config Observability
5 min

Audit logs, single sign-on, and strong role-based access control ensure your config data is always protected and you can meet compliance requirements.



Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Terraform, Cloudformation, CDK, Azure Bicep, Pulumi

Terraform, CloudFormation, and other IaC tools need good input data to manage infrastructure provisioning. Learn how CloudTruth makes it easy for multiple environments and projects.








Kubernetes, Docker

Use CloudTruth to manage Kubernetes, Docker, and other container system configurations. 

Start by exploring Kubetruth, the open-source Kubernetes operator.










CICD Pipelines
GitHub Actions, ArgoCD, Jenkins, CircleCI, Harness, GitLab Pipelines








AWS Videos
Secret Manager, Parameter Store, S3







Azure Videos
Azure DevOPs, Azure Bicep, PowerShell






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