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Customer Use Cases

Companies use CloudTruth to streamline all aspects of config and secrets management.





"Cloudtruth is helping us make widely scoped changes to our applications in a consistent, visible, and (where needed) easily reversed way, and helping us audit our various applications to verify that they're embracing best practices."

Matt J. / Dir DevOps



“We’re syncing many of our IaC env variables & and configurations from Terraform to CloudTruth. 

We love that when syncing Terraform to CloudTruth and then using the CT Kubernetes operator to drive POD configurations, we don’t disrupt our current IaC practices and can smoothly gravitate toward our new deployment model at will.

CloudTruth is going to be a game-changer for large-scale DevOps.”

- John Butler / Director, DevOps & SRE




"CloudTruth reduced production deployment time from 2 months to 2 weeks.

It’s like having a SRE at my developers’ fingertips."

- Brendan P. / Director of DevOps



"CloudTruth helps my team set repeatable best practices for managing our config and secrets.
CloudTruth provides central configuration management and universal single source of truth for parameters across our Terraform and Helm IaC code.

CloudTruth allows us to build flexible automation by assuring accurate default variables for new environments."

- John B. / Technical Director, Cloud Engineering



"We are continually utilizing CloudTruth across all our product lines. Soon, we’ll have 100% of our config and secrets in CloudTruth across all our products.

The #1 benefit is the environments system because we have deployments worldwide, and there is literally zero effort to deploy. It all just magically works."

- Ben B. / CTO




"The integration of CloudTruth into our daily DevOps operations has streamlined the process of storing crucial definitions for our applications.

CloudTruth makes managing and organizing parameters and secrets for our CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps much easier and efficient, providing one place as a single source of truth."

- Robert H. / Director of IT




"Our GitOps practice is driven by strong demand from organizations seeking to bridge the gap between development and operations by leveraging Git as a single source of truth for the entire software delivery processes." 

"CloudTruth’s self-service automation in GitMantis empowers our clients with functionality that has been reserved for the top 1% because of cost and complexity. We see this as a game-changer for the broader market.”

- Jay Pasteris / CIO and CISO

"CloudTruth is an essential part of any modern SDLC, and Blue Mantis is recommending the platform to our clients as a part of our GitOps practice."

- Matt O'Donnel / Dir of Cloud Architecture

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