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Startups & Small Teams


Per Month

  • Up to 3 team members
  • + $20 for each additional user
  • 30 users max
  • SSO with Google, Microsoft & GitHub
  • Email & Discord support

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Larger Teams & Enterprise

Custom Price

Specifically tailored to your requirements.

  • Unlimited team members
  • SSO with Google, Microsoft & GitHub
  • Same-day support via Slack & email
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Enterprise SAML
  • Self-hosted option
  • Config Data Lake

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Are there open-source and non-profit discounts?

Yes! We offer free accounts to open-source and non-profit teams. To get started, create an account and contact us via in-app messaging to request free, perpetual access. 

How can CloudTruth help me?

CloudTruth helps make complex config and secrets management easy for everyone to use. 
When config morphs from being simple "it's all in one repo" to sprawl, slower shipping velocity, more outages, and security incidents are the telltale signs it's time to change your strategy. 
As teams scale up in size, the number of projects, environments, deployments, config and secrets become hard to manage without a ConfigOps platform like CloudTruth. 

Who is CloudTruth for?

CloudTruth is built for everyone in your organization involved in building, shipping, operating, and securing your applications. 
This means software developers, QA, SRE, DevOps, Platform Engineers and CISOs all have a need to understand how the entire system is configured.

What is the setup process?

CloudTruth is designed to coexist with your current deployment and build tooling process. 
CloudTruth works with tools like Terraform, Kubernetes, GitHub, ArgoCD, AWS Secret Manager, Azure Key Vault, and many others.
Over 30 integrations and more are added all the time. 
It's easy to get started with automated importers, SSO/SAML and step-by-step instructions. You can seamlessly convert one project at a time at your own cadence. 

Where is my data stored?

Your configuration data never leaves the source. Parameters and secrets can remain in your existing locations, such as AWS Parameter Store, AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, HC Vault, or Git repos.
You can also optionally import your config data into CloudTruth. In that case, your data is stored in an AWS RDS database encrypted with an automatically generated KMS key (or you can supply your own key.)
Additional account and system information are stored in an AWS database service.
A self-hosted version is available to keep all your data and processing in your own VPC.

Can I purchase via a marketplace?

CloudTruth is available in the AWS Marketplace here

What permissions does CloudTruth need?

CloudTruth needs read-only access permissions to in/out integrations such as S3, AWS SSM, and GitHub repositories.

What is the security model?

CloudTruth is created by experienced cloud technologists who have previously created massively scalable systems for data backup, archiving, compliance, and governance.
We follow the principle of least privilege access policies, with strong boundaries between environments and restricted access to production resources.

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