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The Config Data Platform.

Solve application & infrastructure config errors.

Breach ProtectionOptimize DevOpsAvoid Downtime

Breach Protection

Ensure secrets & certs are rotated and protect
config data with RBAC and an audit trail.

Optimize DevOps

Automated coordination of configuration changes
between app developers and operations. 

Avoid Downtime

Consistent config data and secrets management
gets Dev, Ops, and security aligned.

Popular use cases.

See how a config data platform makes complex variables and secrets easy to use for everyone. 

Terraform / Infrastructure as Code

Manage multiple environments.

Streamline your IaC / Terraform input variables across all of your environments. 



Application Developers

Efficient config hand-off from AppDev to DevOps.

Give your application developers self-service access to set correct config variable defaults. 



Kubernetes ConfigMaps, Secrets, Helm Charts

Manage all aspects of Kube config.

Our Kubernetes Operator supports configMaps, secrets, Helm Charts, and any CRD. 

Here's how to bridge Terraform with Argo CD for easy, hands-free K8s bootstrapping. 



CI/CD, GitOps, Pipelines

Enhance all CI/CD and GitOps workflows.

CloudTruth integrates with all CI/CD and GitOps tools. It automatically injects accurate config variables and secrets into any part of the SDLC process.


View the complete CI/CD video library



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Single pane of glass for secrets and config data.

See how CloudTruth automates the deployment of config & secrets
with minimal changes to your workflow.

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