Gain visibility and control in the new world of distributed and decentralized cloud configuration. 

Cloud configuration is becoming more difficult to control and manage.

Interdependent Tools

An explosion of interdependent tools is layering on the complexity in  multi-cloud environments. 

& IaC

Configuration customizations and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) only add to this confusion.


Bespoke and DIY tools lack the people and time to stay up-to-date in this dynamic environment. 

CloudTruth provides a single, visible, and actionable record of configuration changes.

Discover and monitor key configuration files, starting with your Github repositories.

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Anyone impacted by config changes gets immediate value


  • Isolate critical changes from the noise of day-to-day development

  • Maximize config file visibility without unnecessary GitHub licenses

  • Reduce the need for senior engineers to divert time to forensics issues


  • Keep track of the configurations that you know contains dragons to head off changes that caused past outages

  • Easily review configuration changes after an outage to determine if they were the root cause

Security & Compliance

  • Leverage the config file changelog

  • Specify audit trails for change management

  • Track changes for your CAB meetings

  • Keep an eye on specific security configuration files for easy review when security considerations change