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Bad variables & secrets break
  • deployments
  • compliance
  • reputations
  • weekends
  • budgets
  • velocity
  • security
  • uptime
  • morale
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The Configuration Data Platform

We make it easy to inject accurate secrets & parameters
across your entire platform.

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What our customers used to say...

“Deployments are taking us several months. We need to ship faster!”

“Last week we had a major deployment break on us because someone forgot to document a config change...”

“Our DevOps team needs to move faster, customers are getting impatient.”

“Our config parameters are all over the place and no-one is tracking what has changed...”

“We haven’t rotated our secrets in over a year. I’m dreading the process...”

“Deployments keep failing due to our config. I’m losing business and time I could be spending on other things,”

“Someone’s PC was compromised and it took over a week to change all the secrets.”

“We had to quickly fire someone from our DevOps team and our secrets were on their PC. Had to change everything!”

“Product deadlines keep me up at night, I never know what might happen on launch day.”

Accurate config data,
each time you deploy.

So you have one less thing to worry about.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

Secrets, parameters and templates stored on CloudTruth or externally are collected, validated and processed for our config engine.

Step 2

Our config engine packages up your secrets, parameters and templates into configuration artifacts that your platform can understand.

Step 3

The newly generated configuration artifacts are then securely injected into all of your various platform components.

Updates can be delivered throughout your deployment to over 30 partner integrations to automate your workflows.


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Deploy with confidence.

Less stress. More time for you.

Improve accuracy

Boost accuracy & compliance

CloudTruth becomes your single record of truth and automatically detects changes, conflicts and syntax errors. 

Increase stability & security

Increase stability & security

Synchronize multiple secret stores, confidently rotate secrets and inject them at the perfect pipeline stage.

Ship 50% faster

Ship faster & more reliably

Say goodbye to managing scattered config secrets and parameters, and focus more on delivering the product.

What our customers say now.

Relay Networks

Relay Networks
Director, DevOps

“CloudTruth reduced production deployment time from 2 months to 2 weeks. It’s like having a SRE at my developers’ fingertips.”


Director, DevOps

“CloudTruth helps us make widely scoped changes to our application configs in a consistent, visible, and (where needed) easily reversed way and helping us audit our various applications to verify that they're embracing best practices”


Director, DevOps & SRE

“We sync our IaC env variables from Terraform to CloudTruth and then use the Kube operator to drive POD configs without disrupting our current IaC practices. CloudTruth is a game-changer for large-scale DevOps.”



“The #1 benefit is the environments system because we have deployments worldwide, and there is literally zero effort to deploy.”


Tech Dir, Cloud Engineering

“CloudTruth provides central configuration management and a universal single source of truth for parameters across our Terraform and Helm IaC code.”

Regional Insurance Carrier

Regional Insurance Carrier

CloudTruth has streamlined the process of storing crucial definitions for our applications and makes managing parameters & secrets for our CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps much easier and efficient.

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Print perfect config. Every time.

See how CloudTruth automates the deployment of config & secrets
without changing what you’re doing today.

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