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CloudTruth on Atlassian Marketplace

Integrates with Jira and Bitbucket

Atlassian Marketplace Listing

AM-Hero (Transparency)-v2-1.25

Plays Well with Jira and Bitbucket

Inject perfect config into Bitbucket Pipelines and track changes in Jira.

Keep using the tools that teams love to use.

Federate and centrally manage all the places that need secrets and config.


  • Secret Stores
  • Parameter Stores
  • Git Repos
  • IaC State Files




  • Config Observability
  • Track Changes
  • Compare Across Environments
  • Audit Trails


  • Inject config everywhere
  • Quick Dev / Build Environments
  • Easy Bitbucket Pipeline Secrets
  • Reliable Secrets Rotation

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Print perfect config. Every time.

See how ClouthTruth automates the deployment of config & secrets
without changing what you’re doing today.

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