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3 Reasons Modern Enterprises Are Investing in Cloud

November 26, 2020

According to recent reports, over 90% of global enterprises have embraced a multi-cloud strategy for their business. All around the world, companies of all sizes and in every industry are reaping the benefits of new cloud-based tools and services. And while every application is different, there are a few key reasons that all of these forward-thinking companies are investing in comprehensive cloud systems. Below, we discuss some of the top benefits of shifting away from on-prem solutions towards a modern, cloud-first approach.

Improve Efficiency

First, cloud computing offers new levels of efficiency across your business. For example, a recent case study from Deloitte describes how shifting to cloud-based infrastructure helped a leading U.S. food distributor to significantly increase productivity, improve quality, and ultimately enable a $50 million cost reduction. In this case study, the distributor shifted their outdated data management software into a new system powered by the cloud hosting provider AWS

Once their data was available in the cloud, all relevant stakeholders in various departments were able to monitor and access key information whenever they needed it. This improved access to data enabled the company to dramatically reduce new feature development time from 50 days down to 19, meaning that they were able to support more customer requests and resolve issues faster. A modern, cloud-based system makes it possible for everyone to share the information and tools they need on-demand, so they spend less time troubleshooting and tracking down answers and more time focused on their actual jobs.

Ensure Security

In addition to improving efficiency, cloud systems are also helping companies large and small to ensure that acceptable security standards are met. Whether it’s investing in a third-party multi-factor authentication tool, integrating a cloud-based data management system to handle sensitive user data, or just replacing vulnerable on-prem hardware solutions with modernized, secure cloud hosting options, switching to the cloud is essential for any modern company hoping to stay ahead of evolving security threats. 

Moreover, improving efficiency through the integration of streamlined cloud services offers a secondary benefit on the security front: when developers and other key stakeholders spend less time sifting through outdated data systems and more time focused on tasks directly related to production, that also means they’re less likely to introduce new security issues due to rushed work or a lack of clear communication. All of this boils down to fewer security flaws, plus more time and resources available to identify and resolve issues when they do occur.

Get Back in Control

Finally, a well-managed cloud system gets you back in the driver’s seat. Instead of frantically putting out fires and scrambling to track down important data, cloud-based infrastructure puts everything you need at your fingertips. In addition, cloud tools not only give you control over your own tools and systems, they also enable you to easily share key information with relevant teams and partners. Collaborating with another department on your upcoming analysis project? With a cloud-based data system, you can easily grant access to the necessary information without drowning your colleagues in unnecessary paperwork (or running the risk of creating security problems). These tools give you the visibility you need to lead your team, develop your product, and support your customers with confidence.

It’s All About Visibility

Ultimately though, your cloud tools are only as good as your visibility into those services. To truly make the most of these modern cloud-based solutions, you need to invest in an effective cloud management system. This will ensure that you stay up to date on any changes that are made, and it will enable you and your team to identify and resolve potential problems as soon as they occur.

Progress doesn’t come without growing pains. As you invest in a suite of new cloud solutions, the gains in efficiency, security, and control will no doubt be accompanied by the challenges associated with increased system complexity. But with reliable, real-time visibility into your new cloud-based tech stack, you can manage that complexity and move forward with confidence. To learn more, read our whitepaper on how to ensure visibility into your cloud configurations, or visit our website at for more information.

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