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AI-Powered Secrets and Config Copilot

June 12, 2024

We're launching a new AI-powered Secrets and Config Data Management Assistant.

This new capability leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the creation and management of configurations, parameters, secrets, and templates for infrastructure and applications.

CloudTruth AI Assist helps security, DevOps, and application teams in these ways:

For Security teams:

  • Analyze parameters and highlight potentially insecure configurations
  • Without needing in-depth knowledge of all the environments, tools, and settings

For DevOps teams:

  • Quickly collect and organize config, secrets, and certs information
  • Save valuable time and effort coordinating config changes

For Application Developers:

  • Detect and extract parameters and configuration data from source code
  • Automatically populate default values to streamline hand-off to the ops team



The Config AI Assistant is your new, easy-to-use companion for configuration tasks. With a single prompt, it effortlessly generates parameters, secrets, and templates for any system component.

The AI Assistant automatically parameterizes static config files, ensuring they are optimized and secure. It's like having a security expert by your side, validating configurations for secure settings and bolstering your security posture.

Bulk updating CloudTruth data is now easier. Users can drag or upload a config file, and the AI Assist will create parameters and templates instantly. It can even generate regex for new types, adding flexibility to your configuration management.

Beyond these practical tasks, the AI Assist is an "all-knowing" AI that analyzes your configurations and surfaces insights to improve uptime, security, and performance.

We invite you to explore this new capability and share your feedback. Your innovative ideas will be crucial in shaping the future of CloudTruth's AI-driven solutions. Together, let's revolutionize config management with the power of AI.

CloudTruth is a configuration data orchestration platform that manages secrets and variables for infrastructure and applications. 

The multi-cloud and cross-tool solution connects to all your existing data sources and integrates with the deployment toolchain. It gives teams simple access to reliable config data, resulting in faster software releases, easily scheduled key rotations, change tracking, auditing, and reporting.

The platform enables workflow automation, and teams work in familiar productive systems. 



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