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Cloud Config Management Metamorphosis: From IaC to IaS

February 22, 2024

A decade ago, the cloud was a wild west of virtual machines and sprawling configurations. Managing this complicated landscape was a manual nightmare, prone to errors and inconsistencies. Enter Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


IaC, the hero of the early cloud era, brought much-needed structure. Codifying infrastructure configurations in files enabled automation, repeatability, and version control. But like any superhero, IaC had limitations. Its domain-specific languages (DSLs) required specialized knowledge, and its tools often needed more flexibility.


The good news? The cloud has matured, and so has our understanding of managing configurations, which is why Infrastructure as Software (IaS) – the next evolution of cloud configuration- is emerging.


Why IaS is the future:

  1. Speak Your Language: IaS lets you manage infrastructure with familiar programming languages like Python or Go. No more cryptic DSLs! Developers can leverage existing skills, reducing the learning curve and fostering collaboration.
  2. Beyond Infrastructure: IaS isn't limited to servers and networks. It can provision databases, services, and even entire application stacks. This holistic approach simplifies complex deployments and streamlines workflows.
  3. Unlocking Power: IaS elevates infrastructure management from scripting to proper software development. You gain agility, security, and reliability with features like testing frameworks and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.


The Synergy of IaS and a Configuration Data Management Platform:

However, IaS alone isn't enough. We need a centralized configuration data management platform to unlock its potential. This platform is the source of truth for all your infrastructure configurations, ensuring consistency and collaboration across teams. It also enables:


  • Governance and Compliance: Define and enforce policies across your infrastructure, ensuring adherence to regulations and best practices.
  • Version Control and Audit trails: Track changes, understand deployments, and roll back if needed.
  • Secret Management: Securely store and manage sensitive infrastructure credentials, enhancing security and reducing risk.


IaS is a powerful shift but not a panacea. The next "wild west" to tame is configuration data management. IaC and IaS both rely upon accurate input variables to work correctly. Many teams suffer from config sprawl because variables are irresponsibly managed.


Did you know that a misconfiguration causes 75% of outages or security incidents? Staggering. It's why teams need to define a thoughtful config data management strategy.


The cloud landscape is evolving, and our tools must also grow.


Embrace the power of IaS and empower your teams with a centralized configuration data management platform. It's time to write the next chapter in cloud management, where code transforms into software, and infrastructure efficiency becomes a strategic advantage.

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