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Using CloudTruth to Enable Comprehensive Visibility Into Key Configurations

December 3, 2020

From day one, the CloudTruth team has been passionate about helping companies monitor and configure their cloud infrastructure and application configurations. As the cloud ecosystem has grown more complex, a variety of products and services have sprung up aimed at helping cloud customers manage these systems. In this post, we discuss using CloudTruth to enable comprehensive visibility into key configurations.

What makes CloudTruth different?

Below are just a few ways in which CloudTruth’s approach to ensuring comprehensive visibility into key configurations puts us a step above the rest.

Our Tools Are Easy to Use

First, our products are designed to be accessible to everyone – not just developers. While we do offer a high level of technical customization and advanced features for development and IT teams, you don’t have to be an expert to use our platform. Our easy-to-use solution offers a cross-cutting view into key configuration changes, and it automatically informs the relevant people across your organization of important updates, without requiring them to understand all the technical ins and outs of these tools. We also offer Slack notifications, making it easy for everyone to stay in the loop without needing direct access to GitHub or even the CloudTruth platform. 

This is a vital part of what makes the CloudTruth solution so effective. From developers to security, operations, compliance, and other teams, everyone in your business needs to be able to access real-time data regarding the cloud systems relevant to their work. CloudTruth offers easy access to this visibility, enabling your entire organization to run more efficiently and transparently.

We’re Tool-Agnostic and Cloud-Agnostic

In addition to supporting collaboration with teams of any level of technical know-how, the CloudTruth platform also works smoothly with a huge variety of different tools and cloud systems. Our application lives alongside your existing configuration tools, and it can operate across multiple environments and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) solutions. CloudTruth is focused on the configuration data layer, and as such, we can integrate easily with all infrastructure providers, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. This flexibility means that CloudTruth can bring you the visibility you need no matter what existing tools and systems you have in place.

It’s More Than Just Compliance

Furthermore, while other solutions may provide the bare-minimum functionality to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, CloudTruth takes it to the next level: we offer actionable insights based on comprehensive visibility into the status of all of your systems, making it easy to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot at the click of a button. Our platform tracks all changes, whether they’re relevant to security, performance, cost management, or other domains, and gives you the information you need to optimize your operations and avoid downtime. While compliance is a great first step, CloudTruth helps companies truly make the most of their cloud tools and services with seamless access to key metrics – for all stakeholders – in real-time. 

Designed to be Future-Proof

Finally, the Cloudtruth team is committed to building a solution that doesn’t just get you through today but also prepares you for tomorrow. With CloudTruth, you will be set up for success as the cloud tools on which you rely continue to advance and grow in complexity. Our platform is built in anticipation of the evolution to containers, serverless infrastructure, and IaC. We make it easy to track and manage configuration file changes no matter where they take place across your decentralized, distributed infrastructure, and application configuration environment. 

And we don’t intend to stop there. As new tools and services enable new levels of efficiency across your business, CloudTruth will continue to adapt and grow along with you, ensuring that we are always a step ahead and ready to help you integrate all of these new systems.

A World-Class Team At Your Service

While our technology is important, all of these advantages ultimately boil down to one key factor: our team. Here at CloudTruth, we know that people are the most important component of any business, and ours is no exception. 

We were founded by a team of industry veterans who know first-hand the importance (and challenge) of maintaining visibility into cloud configurations. We care about our customers because we were our customers, and we’re passionate about providing the highest level of service possible. This is evident throughout our product offerings: from the superior usability of our platform to our flexible, tool-agnostic approach, to our forward-thinking product development mindset, to the care we bring to every interaction with our customers.

So if you’re looking to gain visibility into your cloud systems, we’d love to show you what we have to offer and welcome you into the CloudTruth family. Want to learn more? Click here to start your free trial today, or visit our website at for more information.

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