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Configuration Management Secrets

Config Friction Fighter

September 15, 2023

I just got an update from a customer that went live with CloudTruth about six months ago.

Aside: Have you ever seen the "before" and "after" photos for self-improvement sites (dentistry or cosmetic surgery.) Keep that visual in mind.

We asked this customer to give us a descriptive adjective describing the state of their config and secrets management before CloudTruth.

Here's what they told us:

"Perpetual dumpster fire"

Whoa! I can imagine their world of hurt wrangling config and secrets for every release.

That's a lot of papercuts.

The good news is that after adopting CloudTruth, their release velocity increased 3x! New features are rolling out to their customers in weeks versus months.

I ❤️ to hear this. Validates why I co-founded CloudTruth. In every project I have participated in, config and secrets were the friction that interfered with good release velocity, uptime, and security posture.

Maybe this sounds too selfless, but enabling teams to remove the friction in their deploy pipelines has been a driving force my entire career (all the way back to my original open-source config tool, Rubber, and more recently, my Terraform wrapper Atmos.)

I have always gravitated to the tooling that makes it possible to deploy software to any environment, whether that be cloud or some other infrastructure. I've seen (and built) countless internal tools to make config easier, and CloudTruth is a distillation of all the best practices accumulated over a decades-long technology career.

Config and secrets must not be a perpetual "important afterthought."

I'm so bullish about CloudTruth's impact as a new offering in the "Second Wave of DevOps" theme.

I truly believe the power and autonomy CloudTruth gives developers and operations teams to change how they can deliver their new features faster, filing down the rough edges that so many teams think they have to suffer through versus a better way to superior config and secrets management.

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