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Consistent Deployments with CloudTruth

December 30, 2022

The ability to consistently deploy applications reliably is challenging for DevOps engineers and software developers. Teams struggle to ensure their dev, staging, and production environments are configured correctly across the build, deploy, and runtime phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process. 

The new world of increasingly complex configuration challenges means your teams need better tools to minimize stressors on their SDLC workflows. 

Read on to learn how CloudTruth enables deployment consistency enabling your organization to deploy more quickly, reliably, and ultimately with "more joy."

Decouple the Management of Configuration Data

Mitigating "config sprawl" in a way that makes sense means rethinking how configuration data is managed. In the past, stashing parameters and secrets in ENV variables or JSON and YAML files in Git repos made sense. But today, app devs and DevSecOps teams need a way to decouple the management of config data from how the data is consumed.

DevSecOps teams need a centralized view of all config data to ensure systems are configured correctly, track changes so there is no "configuration drift," and meet compliance change management controls. 

Application developers need a self-service, flexible method to register new config settings, set default values for each environment and effectively communicate this information to the operations team.

Ultimately, you need a solution that delivers decoupling while providing the benefits of a centralized control system.

That’s where CloudTruth comes in.

Our comprehensive configuration intelligence platform delivers a centralized view of your configuration without replacing existing tools or disrupting current processes. Your teams can easily organize, search, and modify all the parameters that control your system in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Addressing increasingly complex configurations is a must in today’s world. Instead of choosing between decoupling intertwined systems and a singular platform, why not opt for the best of both worlds with CloudTruth?

Adopt Reliable, Repeatable Configuration Processes

Misconfigurations are 75% of the reason why things go wrong deployment-wise. Whether it's pertaining to security, deployment, or infrastructure, misconfigurations at any stage of development can greatly slow your deployment velocity. When your deployment velocity slows down, you fail to deliver the most value to your organization.

Cleaning up messy configurations starts with implementing repeatable and consistent processes across all teams. That’s why CloudTruth enables you to adopt a repeatable build, deploy, and runtime configuration process to maximize pipeline velocity. 

Get a top-down, high-level view of your various build, deploy, and runtime settings and enforce "best practice" guardrails with a self-service platform. Avoid hard-coded values by adopting a "Don't Repeat Yourself" DRY approach that leverages defaults, inheritance, and overrides for the best overall configuration flexibility.

Everyone wins when your teams use the right parameters and secrets at the correct stage during the software development lifecycle. CloudTruth was built to deliver reliable, repeatable configuration processes that, in turn, enable you to deploy more joy. 

Augment Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

As the cloud became more popular, organizations embraced Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate their deployments and streamline internal workflows. But that was just the beginning. Today, teams need to augment IaC with new configuration management tools and processes to achieve accurate repeatability. Failing to do so can make it hard to ensure reliable, consistent deployment time in and time out.

CloudTruth works with all DevOps CI/CD pipelines and IaC tools and across single, hybrid, or multiple cloud environments. This enables your teams to remain agile and flexible as configuration needs ebb and flow and ensures you can add new tools into your workflows without processes grinding to a halt.

Knowing that containers, serverless, and IaC will continue to evolve in the coming years, CloudTruth was built to enable your DevOps personnel and developers to access and manage configuration tools easily and effortlessly. Augmenting IaC for maximum performance has never been easier.

Work From a Centralized Configuration Control Plane

Microservices, Kubernetes, GitOps, and serverless architectures are all the rage. The downside is that these new architectures lead to configurations being increasingly distributed, decentralized, and pushed to the edge. As cloud and application configuration continues to become a shared responsibility between DevOps and application developers, enabling greater speed and innovation in your software development lifecycle is a must.

CloudTruth provides users with a centralized configuration control plane to minimize configuration complexity and consolidate control across teams. Our platform abstracts configuration inputs from existing sources, including secret stores, parameter stores, and Git repositories, and injects configuration into your IaC, CI/CD, and runtime environments. You get increased velocity and enhanced visibility into your build-deploy pipelines. 

The pressure to rapidly innovate and deploy new features will likely not lessen in the coming years. Organizational and process alignment is a must for deployment teams that must keep up with customer expectations. CloudTruth provides much-needed peace of mind to the way you deploy your applications by giving you one consistent templated configuration for all environments. 

What Can CloudTruth Do for You?

Application and software deployments will fail if misconfigurations and organizational misalignment aren’t addressed early. In order to achieve consistent deployments with minimal bumps in the road, you need tools that keep your teams agile, innovative, and able to integrate new technologies as needed.

Tools like CloudTruth.

Our platform unifies access and visibility into your organization’s infrastructure, application, and secrets configuration data. By leveraging CloudTruth’s API, CLI, and GUI, companies can manage their parameters, templates, environment variables, and secrets from one central location. Best of all, CloudTruth works to strengthen your existing tools and systems, meaning you won’t have to start your tech stack from scratch when you work with us.

Software developers and CloudOps teams rely on CloudTruth to ensure uptime, security, and team velocity. Learn more about our solutions or register for a free demo to see what CloudTruth can unlock for your teams.

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