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Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Import Actions

December 14, 2021

What is an Import Action?

CloudTruth offers the ability to import Parameters and Secrets from AWS parameter store (SSM). Import actions are created by selecting a CloudTruth AWS integration and defining a resource pattern. The resource pattern automatically detects the desired parameters to be imported.

AWS parameters and secure strings that match your pattern will automatically be imported to a mapped CloudTruth project and environment. With a configured import action you can perform a dry run to verify what data will be imported and then run a sync to create or update your data. We intelligently import your secure strings as secrets and store them in your organizations dedicated managed vault.

import actions

Why is it useful?

Simplified SSM management – It can be difficult to manage your parameter configuration within AWS SSM. CloudTruth import actions enable intelligent views of SSM data. By synchronizing the data between SSM and CloudTruth you have multiple options on how your applications can consume config data without changing your existing workflows.

Configuration monitoring – When an issue in an application occurs it can be difficult to find a quick RCA with application data and secrets pulled from multiple sources. Imported SSM data can quickly be compared across environments or rolled back to a previous version. We also allow you to create safe guards on your values by adding rules and ranging.

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