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Meet CloudTruth new CEO Christian Tate

May 12, 2022

Why CloudTruth? Why Now?

Today marks an exciting new chapter for CloudTruth as we continue our innovative journey in helping companies of all sizes to gain better control and increase the velocity of their DevSecOps pipelines. Increasingly decentralized and distributed pipelines are stretching to a breaking point. Solving the command-and-control challenges for secrets and configuration management increases process velocity, delivers consistent deploys, and secures the application perimeter. 

Too many DevSecOps teams rely on homegrown configuration management tools and pass secrets around like notes in a classroom. In addition, the fast rise of Kubernetes simplifies application consistency but increases decentralized architectures of composable units. All of which makes the need for a single secrets and configuration management platform for DevSecOps teams to keep pace with the added complexity. 

CloudTruth Kubernetes YAML

The truth is there’s a better way to manage and secure application pipelines, and CloudTruth has built the solution which is available today. I am humbled and energized to join the team as the Chief Executive Officer

At CloudTruth we believe that developers, DevOps, and security teams want a solution that federates secrets and config management from a self-service platform that increases the continuous velocity of their integrated pipelines. The experience today is that as systems scale the security and configuration problems spread exponentially, and DevSecOps teams are awash in config sprawl with no central record of truth or management schema to keep teams and processes flowing. 

Given this, it’s easy to see why 75% of cloud application outages are caused by configuration errors.  It is alarming to consider the reputation and revenue loss associated with an extended outage which can plague companies such as Facebook, Atlassian, and Virgin Media, all of which suffered an incident from configuration errors. 

Working with our customers and partners we will bring the value of the CloudTruth solution to the market while we continue to innovate and extend the features of our offering. The future is bright and may SREs have a more restful sleep. 

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