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Configuration Management Secrets

Meet Your Secrets and Config Co-pilot, CloudTruth

March 31, 2023


Configuration management can be daunting in today's fast-paced world of continuous deployments. Ensuring smooth and reliable releases is challenging with the complexity and variety of multiple environments. Enter CloudTruth, your trusted co-pilot, designed to make your life easier by managing all secrets, parameters, and templates in one place. CloudTruth is a game-changing solution that acts as a single record of truth for all configuration data, allowing you to focus on what matters most - building and shipping new features to your customers.

A Trusted Co-pilot: CloudTruth

Picture CloudTruth as the reliable co-pilot you've always wanted in your development journey. It's always by your side, observing changes, safeguarding secrets, and uniting DevOps and application developers around a single top-down, cross-cutting view of all config data. With a built-in collaboration layer and guardrails, CloudTruth ensures adherence to best practices and consistent patterns and frees up time for more coding and less waiting.

A Fresh Approach to Configuration Management

CloudTruth brings a fresh, timely new idea to configuration management. It addresses the ever-growing challenge of managing multiple sources of secrets and parameters by acting as a central configuration sync hub. By abstracting and federating all config data, CloudTruth enables DevOps and application developers to inject the perfect configuration for the build, deploy, and runtime phases while maintaining a clear overview of the configuration landscape.

Taming the Beast: Config Sprawl

One of the more significant challenges software development teams face is config sprawl. As the number of environments and applications grows, managing the various configurations becomes increasingly complex. This hidden tax on release velocity negatively impacts your team's productivity and, ultimately, your customers' satisfaction.

CloudTruth tackles config sprawl with a streamlined and efficient way of managing configurations at scale. By consolidating config complexity into a single location and enabling seamless collaboration between DevOps and developers, CloudTruth eliminates the complexity and confusion that often arises from managing configurations across multiple platforms.

Unlocking Productivity Gains

CloudTruth's unique approach to configuration management translates into tangible productivity gains. By taming config sprawl, CloudTruth customers have experienced a 3x increase in their productivity, allowing them to ship new features to their customers much faster than before. In some cases, teams have gone from taking months to ship new features to deliver them in just weeks, a testament to the power of CloudTruth.

Wrapping Up

CloudTruth is the configuration management solution you have always wanted. As your trusted co-pilot, it simplifies configuration management by providing a single record of truth for all config data, ensuring secrets are protected, and fostering collaboration between DevOps and application developers. By taming config sprawl, CloudTruth empowers development teams to focus on what truly matters - building and shipping high-quality software to their customers. Don't let config sprawl hold you back any longer; take control of your configurations and soar to new heights with CloudTruth.

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