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Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Parameter and Secret Versioning

October 21, 2021

What is Parameter and Secret Versioning?

CloudTruth offers immutable versioning for all configuration data – parameters and secrets. Select the Project you are working and the Environment to compare and the system will show you a list of the parameters and how the values compare to a previous point in time. If you prefer to use Tags, the system can also compare the current state to a set of tagged parameters.

Screen capture from CloudTruth web app highlighting for history versioning feature

Select the “Show Differences” checkbox and the system will highlight any parameters with values that have changed.

Screen capture from CloudTruth web app highlighting show differences for versioning feature

Why is it useful?

Stop configuration errors before they happen – It can be nearly impossible to figure out what configuration data has changed between releases. CloudTruth versioning highlights changes to instantly zoom in on what parameters and secrets have been modified. This makes it easier to identify changes before a release. It also helps catch changes before they are accidentally rolled out to production.

Faster debugging – When there is an issue with an application, we often ask what has changed. Version history will highlight the configuration changes so they can be ruled out or identified as possible causes. Tracking down what parameters and secrets are different can be a challenge. CloudTruth versioning turns it into a simple command in either the GUI, CLI, or API.

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