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Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Push Actions

December 7, 2021

What is a Push Action?

CloudTruth offers the ability to create and update AWS Parameter and Secrets Manager data automatically with built in triggers. Push actions are created by selecting a CloudTruth AWS integration, specifying any number of CloudTruth Projects and a specific Tag.

CloudTruth Parameters and Secrets from your selected projects will be pushed to your integration with their values at the time of the tag. With a configured action any subsequent updates to the Tag will automatically keep your integrations configuration data and secrets in sync!

Sync secrets to AWS with push actions
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This AWS Parameter Store example creates and updates parameters directly from a CloudTruth project.

sync AWS parameter store
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Why is it useful?

Sync config data and secrets across destinations – It can be difficult to manage your application config across various sources and environments. CloudTruth push actions allow you to centralize management while keeping all of your existing workflows with AWS.

Configuration monitoring –When an issue in an application occurs it can be difficult to find a quick RCA with application data and secrets pulled from multiple sources. Config data can quickly be compared across environments or rolled back to a previous version. In addition, CloudTruth also allows you to create safe guards on your values by adding rules and ranging.

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