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Configuration Management

Secrets and Config Data Change Management in Atlassian Compass

May 7, 2024

Enhancing DevEx: CloudTruth Integrates with Atlassian Compass

Atlassian launched its new platform engineering offering, Compass, at its worldwide customer event. Compass will radically enhance developer experience (DevEx) with a comprehensive software catalog that reduces cognitive load, enabling developers to access necessary components effortlessly. It also facilitates retrospectives that leverage engineering data to optimize service performance.

Along with this news, CloudTruth has integrated with Atlassian Compass to improve engineering teams' configuration data and secrets management. This partnership aims to make software deployments more secure and stable.

Atlassian Compass empowers developers by offering a unified software catalog. This catalog simplifies finding essential components and leverages data from engineering retrospectives to boost service performance.

Engineering teams are turning to internal developer portals to increase developer productivity by encouraging self-service access to dev environments, easy access to system documentation, and streamlined cross-team collaboration.

With the CloudTruth integration, Atlassian Compass users can manage their configuration data and secrets through one platform. This setup improves security with features like change tracking, certificate rotation, compliance auditing, and role-based access control to secrets.

Statistically, misconfigurations cause more software issues and security problems than any other defect type. This new integration between CloudTruth and Atlassian Compass addresses these risks, helping teams maintain security and reduce downtime more efficiently.

Go to the Atlassian Marketplace for more details.

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