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Why Deployment Velocity Matters

January 11, 2023

Rethink Deployment Velocity

Whether you're building enterprise or consumer applications, deployment velocity is one of the most important factors to measure and improve to achieve success. 

With today's ever-changing technology trends, continuous improvement ensures the best possible customer experience. Failing to roll out new features regularly or quickly patch bugs can impact your organization's reputation and bottom line.

Deploy frequency is among the best predictors of an organization's velocity and growth. Application pipeline velocity plays a significant role in keeping your customers happy.

Many factors are involved in maintaining and optimizing applications, and application pipeline velocity is just one piece of the puzzle. Increasing your velocity is something your organization should be working on all the time.

Before we go any further, let's cover the basics of application pipeline velocity. Then, we'll highlight how your organization can increase it for optimal application performance with the help of CloudTruth.

What is Deployment Velocity?

Your deployment velocity is the rate at which you can roll out new features, bug fixes, and security updates to production systems. Deployment frequency depends on your organization's offering, whether an enterprise B2B application or a consumer mobile application.

A frequent deployment cadence is generally seen as a good thing, as it allows for more rapid iteration and innovation. But, deploying changes without adequate oversight can lead to misconfigurations, unplanned downtime, and security breaches.

Why is Deployment Velocity Important?

75% of organizations consider improved deployment velocity their most significant indication of success. The need for speed has never been more critical for modern organizations that maintain several applications. Being caught flat-footed doesn't just put you at a disadvantage to the competition — it also puts your organization at risk for security, compliance, and performance issues. 

While increasing application deployment pipeline velocity isn't a silver bullet to ensuring year-over-year growth, it does a lot to ensure your business is agile, innovative, and responsive to market and industry trends.

Shipping new features faster help you keep customers engaged and more likely to renew their subscriptions. It also empowers your DevOps personnel to ship bug fixes quickly and avoid any bottlenecks within the application lifecycle. Being able to ship security updates in hours, not days or weeks, ensures data breaches and compliance issues run smoothly. The bar is set high, given that 66% of organizations expect to deploy weekly or more frequently in the coming year.

CloudTruth Improves Deployment Velocity

At CloudTruth, we've seen firsthand the challenges of delivering reliable, resilient deploys that can be continuously updated and patched as needed. DevOps engineers and software developers have too much toil to manage, so we created a platform that minimizes stressors on their SDLC workflows and turns complex configuration challenges into simple solutions.

In short, we started CloudTruth to enable organizations to deploy with more joy.

Our self-service configuration management platform increases the speed and efficiency of application deployment processes, enabling the ability to deliver new features to users quickly. By uniting your teams around a single source of configuration truth, we empower you to onboard developers faster, increase your application deployment velocity, strengthen your security posture, and eliminate configuration repetition.

Application pipeline velocity is a significant concern for our clients, so we purpose-built our platform to ensure it checks all these boxes:

  • Streamlines the deployment process: CloudTruth can automate the process of deploying config changes, reducing the time and effort required to get those changes into production.
  • Reduces error risk: CloudTruth ensures that config changes are deployed consistently to all environments, reducing production outage risk.
  • Faster config rollbacks: If a config change causes production problems, CloudTruth can roll the changes back to minimize downtime.
  • Config change management: CloudTruth gives visibility into all configuration changes across all environments, projects, secrets, and parameters. 

CloudTruth enables you to adopt a repeatable build, deploy, and runtime configuration process to maximize pipeline velocity. Everyone wins when you unify access and visibility into your organization's infrastructure, application, and secret configuration data.

What Can CloudTruth Do for You?

Teams need help to ensure their dev, staging, and production environments are configured correctly across the build, deploy, and runtime phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) process. Overcoming these challenges requires you to embrace innovative tools that lessen the manual burden on your teams' plates and position your organization well for the road ahead.

Tools like CloudTruth.

Our platform unifies access and visibility into your organization's infrastructure, application, and secrets configuration data. By leveraging CloudTruth's API, CLI, and GUI, companies can manage their parameters, templates, environment variables, and secrets from one central location. Best of all, CloudTruth works to strengthen your existing tools and systems, meaning you won't have to start your tech stack from scratch when you work with us.

Software developers and CloudOps teams rely on CloudTruth to ensure uptime, security, and team velocity. Learn more about our solutions or register for a free demo to see what CloudTruth can unlock for your teams.

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