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Configuration Management

Config Sprawl and Developer Toil

February 7, 2023

Configuration Sprawl and Developer Strain: Abstraction, Not Interference

Developers face cognitive strain regardless of the configuration tools they have at their disposal. As microservices and Kubernetes become more complex, teams still need to ship new features and fixes daily. Config sprawl and the associated "toil" derails developers' core responsibilities: shipping software. But developers need a basic understanding of how their code functions in production environments, but they shouldn't have to become DevOps specialists. Contrary to popular belief, this is why DevOps will be around for a while.

A  centralized config platform offers application developers precisely what they need: collaborating on config with DevOps without being sidetracked. The config platform provides useful abstractions and features that allow developers to refocus on their most important tasks without being overwhelmed by the need to coordinate in a manual way declaring new or updated configuration settings with the operations team.

What Causes Configuration Sprawl?

Configuration sprawl is a common problem faced by software developers and can negatively impact their productivity. Too many configurations to manage and keep track of can lead to confusion, errors, and increased time spent on maintenance tasks rather than on actual development. Abstractions provided by a streamlined developer-centric config platform can help mitigate the effects of configuration sprawl and allow developers to focus on their core responsibilities, leading to increased efficiency and reduced strain.

Start Taming Config Sprawl

CloudTruth's reason for being is to mitigate as many of these problems as possible. The reality is CloudTruth can't reduce all of them, but the platform can undoubtedly mitigate north of 90% of them.

You can check out CloudTruth for free here, the CloudTruth Quick Start Videos, and the blog for more tips on increasing deployment velocity and reliability with centralized config.

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