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GitOps and Centralized Config: Like Peanut Butter & Chocolate

February 7, 2023

GitOps is a relatively new methodology for automating infrastructure management through Git. It is a way of using Git as a single source of truth for your infrastructure, making it easier to manage and maintain complex systems. GitOps' fast rise is due to the need for more efficient and streamlined infrastructure management processes and the growing importance of DevOps practices in software development.

Why is GitOps Popular?

One of the most significant benefits of GitOps is its positive effect on cross-team collaboration. With a centralized configuration in Git, teams can easily collaborate on infrastructure changes and ensure that everyone works from the same parameter and secret values. GitOps and centralized config make it easier to coordinate changes and reduce the risk of conflicting changes that could cause problems.

While Git is great for managing the templates, there is a need to complement GitOps with a hierarchical config data source to supply injectable parameters and secrets into the templates. Centralized configuration is a critical component of GitOps. With centralized configuration, all infrastructure changes are made through Git, making it easier to track changes and revert to a previous state if necessary. 

GitOps and centralized config ensure application developers and operations teams are working from the same configuration, a "single source of truth," which reduces the risk of conflicting changes and facilitates cross-team collaboration.

GitOps Makes Managing Complex Systems Easier

Another benefit of GitOps is that it makes it easier to manage complex systems. Using Git as a single source of truth, it is possible to automate the deployment of infrastructure changes, reducing the risk of manual errors and improving the speed and reliability of infrastructure changes.

In conclusion, the rise of GitOps positively impacts cross-team collaboration and infrastructure management. With GitOps, teams can collaborate more easily, manage complex systems more efficiently, and deploy infrastructure changes more reliably. Centralized configuration is a critical component of GitOps and is necessary to ensure its success.

Streamline GitOps with Centralized Config

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