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Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Import Actions

What is an Import Action? CloudTruth offers the ability to import Parameters and Secrets from AWS parameter store (SSM). Import actions are created by selecting a CloudTruth ... Read More
Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Push Actions

What is a Push Action? CloudTruth offers the ability to create and update AWS Parameter and Secrets Manager data automatically with built in triggers. Push actions are... Read More

How to mask secrets in Jenkins with the Mask Password plugin

Jenkins can already mask your sensitive secrets and passwords by storing them with Jenkins Credentials. However, there are times when you may be using an external secret... Read More

Managing Terraform Workspaces

You have already been using a Terraform workspace with the CLI you just may not know it yet! Every directory creates a default workspace when a terraform init is run. We are... Read More

Create DRY code with Terragrunt and Terraform Modules

To keep your infrastructure as code DRY Terragrunt is a great Terraform wrapper. This walkthrough will show you how to avoid copying and pasting the same Terraform code over... Read More

How to store and leverage Terraform remote state and AWS S3

In this article we are going to walk through configuring a Terraform remote state file with an AWS S3 backend that deploys an AWS instance. We will then use that remote state... Read More

How to deploy and leverage remote state with Terragrunt and AWS S3

Using Terragrunt to deploy a backend for remote state files enables you to write infrastructure code without the need to copy and paste the backend configuration into various... Read More
Application Configuration

3 Methods to Centrally Manage Your K8s ConfigMaps & Secrets Data

Kubernetes (K8s) ConfigMaps allow you to separate your application configuration data from your pod deployments. There are various ways to create ConfigMaps with kubectl and... Read More

3 Ways to Manage Terraform Variables and State Across Environments and Workspaces

Managing Terraform variables and state across environments can become burdensome and error prone as environments within an organization grow. This is a typical problem... Read More