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Configuration Management

Manage Multiple Environment Configurations

Environments as Hierarchies: A CloudTruth Approach If you’re still managing multiple environment configurations with a copy/paste/edit file method it’s time to learn about a... Read More

Manage Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets

Using CloudTruth’s ‘KubeTruth’ To Save Configuration Time If you’re new to Kubernetes and need an easier way to manage multiple Kubernetes configurations, it’s worth taking a... Read More

Manage BitBucket Pipelines environment variables

CloudTruth Integration: Bitbucket Pipelines CI/CD pipelines like Bitbucket can be notoriously complex to manage, especially if you have to coordinate configuration across... Read More
argo cd

Managing secrets with the CloudTruth Argo CD Plugin

Argo CD is a tool that allows you to deploy and manage Kubernetes resources as part of your GitOps workflows. Separating config data from source code is a best practice from... Read More

Protect External Secrets in GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions and CloudTruth Protecting sensitive configuration items like passwords, API keys, and encryption keys has always been a challenge. Since this critical data is... Read More
Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Validating Configuration with Rules and Ranges

What are Rules and Ranges? Misconfiguration is one of the more common causes of system downtime. Though impossible to completely avoid, there are a number of strategies one... Read More

Using the run_cmd function to configure Terragrunt variables

Terraform is a great tool for provisioning infrastructure, but its usability tends to suffer at scale. Many users end up using some form of wrapper like Terragrunt to act as... Read More

How to deploy a simple Kubernetes app with a K8s operator

One of the interesting aspects of Kubernetes is that everything is declarative. This means that everything is driven by configuration and thus driving config and deploying a... Read More
application configuration

Is Your Cloud Infrastructure Governed By Informal Contracts?

This is the fifth and final post of our five part – The Rationale Behind CloudTruth series. In the early stages of development, many companies benefit from a simple,... Read More
Inside CloudTruth

Cloud Customers Face More Complexity Than Ever

This is the fourth post of our five part – The Rationale Behind CloudTruth series. According to a recent study, 74% of companies pursuing a cloud-based solution fail to... Read More
application configuration

Decoupling Your Cloud Systems Can Reduce Complexity — But At What Cost?

This is the third post of our five part – The Rationale Behind CloudTruth series. As your company expands its product suite, customer base, and scope of operations, it’s... Read More
Inside CloudTruth

It’s time for a Cloud Configuration Intelligence System

This is the second post of our five part – The Rationale Behind CloudTruth series. More than a year ago we started CloudTruth with an ambitious endeavor: create a... Read More