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Manage AWS SSM and Secrets Manager with CloudTruth

When you're working with any secret inside of the cloud or even on-prem, there are a few things you think about: Read More

Managing Kubernetes Manifests with cdk8s

What does it mean to create a Kubernetes Manifest? At a high level, you define in a declarative fashion what you want your containerized application to look like. Typically,... Read More

Manage Cloudflare Workers Secrets and Parameters

If you're in software development or DevOps, you're probably thinking about the most efficient ways to deploy (because, let's face it. Nothing is easy). Throughout your... Read More

How to Manage PowerShell Parameters and Secrets

When creating an environment, chances are you'll have some parameters and other configuration data like secrets to pass into the config. It could be anything from an API key... Read More

Create Azure Bicep Templates with CloudTruth

You'll have a lot of configuration data for every Infrastructure-as-Code tool, including Azure Bicep, Terraform, etc. Whether it's the name of the resource you're creating,... Read More
Configuration Management

Create AMIs with Packer and CloudTruth

Throughout almost all of Sysadmin and Infrastructure Engineer history, golden images saved a ton of time. Whether for a Windows desktop, a Windows server, or a Linux box,... Read More
Configuration Management

3 Tips to Avoid Unplanned Work

When solving technical problems, there's never a golden solution that solves everything. For example, with security, there's never a solution to stop all threats. The answer... Read More

Azure DevOps Pipelines with CloudTruth

When you're working with the CloudTruth CLI, you'll most likely want a way to automate the process unless you're testing something specific on your local terminal. To create... Read More

Multi-Cloud Secrets Management

Platform integrations, especially with the cloud, are crucial for Application Developers, DevOps, and infrastructure engineers due to the vast amount of platforms in today's... Read More
Configuration Management

The Cognitive Load Causing Misconfigurations

The interesting thing about humans is we're all different, but at the same time, we're all pretty much the same in core ways. When it comes to our brain, the way neurons... Read More
Configuration Management

SDLC Deployment Phase and Current State

TL;DR Many organizations struggle to manage the issues of the current state vs the desired state and configuration drift in the deployment phase of the software development... Read More

Deployment Consistency for Kubernetes Manifests

Deployment, and more importantly, environment consistency, is a major pain for DevOps engineers and software developers. Whether it's environment consistency in a Terraform... Read More