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Kubernetes Secrets and Vault: How CloudTruth Helps

Managing secrets in one location for resources and services to retrieve them is a pain. Whether those resources and services are in the cloud or on-prem, you need an easy way... Read More

How to Set Environment Variables in a Kubernetes Pod

When you’re configuring a Kubernetes pod, you’ll need a specific environment configuration for an application. Whether it’s a port that the app is using or a version of the... Read More

How Do I Start Learning Kubernetes?

In today’s world, orchestrating and managing Docker containers with Kubernetes is a big deal. More and more workloads are moving to containerized environments, especially at... Read More

Create and Update Kubernetes Parameters in CloudTruth

When you’re working with anything Kubernetes-related, chances are you’re working with a Kubernetes manifest. Kubernetes parameters include secrets and ConfigMaps. Read More

What’s the Difference between a Kubernetes ConfigMap and a Secret?

Have you ever written a Dictionary in Python? Or a Hash Table in another programming language? If you have, you’ll notice a common trend in what they actually are; key/value... Read More
Configuration Management

Manage Multiple Environment Configurations

Environments as Hierarchies: A CloudTruth Approach If you’re still managing multiple environment configurations with a copy/paste/edit file method it’s time to learn about a... Read More

Import config with the CloudTruth CLI

The CloudTruth CLI import config command is the fastest way to import your existing configuration. Read More

Manage Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secrets

Using CloudTruth’s ‘KubeTruth’ To Save Configuration Time If you’re new to Kubernetes and need an easier way to manage multiple Kubernetes configurations, it’s worth taking a... Read More

Manage BitBucket Pipelines environment variables

CloudTruth Integration: Bitbucket Pipelines CI/CD pipelines like Bitbucket can be notoriously complex to manage, especially if you have to coordinate configuration across... Read More

GitLab CI/CD pipeline integration for multiple environments

CloudTruth Integration: GitLab CI/CD Pipelines If you’re managing one or more GitLab CI/CD pipelines, chances are you’re managing many different environments from development... Read More
Argo CD

Managing secrets with the CloudTruth Argo CD Plugin

Argo CD is a tool that allows you to deploy and manage Kubernetes resources as part of your GitOps workflows. Separating config data from source code is a best practice from... Read More

Protect External Secrets in GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions and CloudTruth Protecting sensitive configuration items like passwords, API keys, and encryption keys has always been a challenge. Since this critical data is... Read More