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Configuration Management

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Configuration Management

Avoid the Hidden Config Sprawl Tax

Cloud computing and Kubernetes have revolutionized organizations' operations and provided them unprecedented flexibility and scalability. However, with the increasing... Read More

Why Deployment Velocity Matters

Rethink Deployment Velocity Whether you're building enterprise or consumer applications, deployment velocity is one of the most important factors to measure and improve to... Read More
Application Configuration

Consistent Deployments with CloudTruth

The ability to consistently deploy applications reliably is challenging for DevOps engineers and software developers. Teams struggle to ensure their dev, staging, and... Read More
Configuration Management

3 Ways to Modernize Your Application Deployment Strategies

We often see a “pendulum swing” effect in the software development realm in configuration management. The shift between “centralize everything” and “decentralize everything”... Read More
Configuration Management

4 Ways CloudTruth Eliminates Deployment Failures

Issues can arise at every phase of the application development lifecycle, from development to deployment and every step in between. It’s essential to rectify deployment... Read More
Configuration Management

Create AMIs with Packer and CloudTruth

Throughout almost all of Sysadmin and Infrastructure Engineer history, golden images saved a ton of time. Whether for a Windows desktop, a Windows server, or a Linux box,... Read More
Configuration Management

3 Tips to Avoid Unplanned Work

When solving technical problems, there's never a golden solution that solves everything. For example, with security, there's never a solution to stop all threats. The answer... Read More
Configuration Management

The Cognitive Load Causing Misconfigurations

The interesting thing about humans is we're all different, but at the same time, we're all pretty much the same in core ways. When it comes to our brain, the way neurons... Read More
Configuration Management

SDLC Deployment Phase and Current State

TL;DR Many organizations struggle to manage the issues of the current state vs the desired state and configuration drift in the deployment phase of the software development... Read More

Top 3 Reasons Misconfigurations Slow Deployment Velocity

Misconfigurations are literally 100% of the reason why things go wrong. Read More
Configuration Management

CloudTruth and Flux (GitOps)

Throughout the engineering trends of containerization, orchestration, and configuration data for both app developers and platform engineers, there's a newish movement for... Read More
Configuration Management

CloudTruth vs Vault and Consul

We're often asked, "What is the difference between CloudTruth, Consul, and Vault?" Read More