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Configuration Management

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Manage BitBucket Pipelines environment variables

CloudTruth Integration: Bitbucket Pipelines CI/CD pipelines like Bitbucket can be notoriously complex to manage, especially if you have to coordinate configuration across... Read More

GitLab CI/CD pipeline integration for multiple environments

CloudTruth Integration: GitLab CI/CD Pipelines If you’re managing one or more GitLab CI/CD pipelines, chances are you’re managing many different environments from development... Read More

Protect External Secrets in GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions and CloudTruth Protecting sensitive configuration items like passwords, API keys, and encryption keys has always been a challenge. Since this critical data is... Read More
Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Import Actions

What is an Import Action? CloudTruth offers the ability to import Parameters and Secrets from AWS parameter store (SSM). Import actions are created by selecting a CloudTruth ... Read More
Audit Trail

Feature Focus – Audit Trail

What is an Audit Trail? Audit trails chronologically record system-wide events and user activities to ensure a historical record is available for security and operational... Read More
Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Push Actions

What is a Push Action? CloudTruth offers the ability to create and update AWS Parameter and Secrets Manager data automatically with built in triggers. Push actions are... Read More
Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Validating Configuration with Rules and Ranges

What are Rules and Ranges? Misconfiguration is one of the more common causes of system downtime. Though impossible to completely avoid, there are a number of strategies one... Read More
Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Parameter and Secret Versioning

What is Parameter and Secret Versioning? CloudTruth offers immutable versioning for all configuration data – parameters and secrets. Select the Project you are working and... Read More
Configuration Management

Feature Focus – Compare Environments

What is Environment Comparison? Comparing environments for infrastructure and application configuration differences is hard. This is because as cloud usage has evolved,... Read More

The Island of GitHub Secrets

When you implement a GitOps workflow to streamline your engineering practices, one of the goals is to empower developers to make code and configuration changes together. In... Read More

How to deploy and leverage remote state with Terragrunt and AWS S3

Using Terragrunt to deploy a backend for remote state files enables you to write infrastructure code without the need to copy and paste the backend configuration into various... Read More
Application Configuration

3 Methods to Centrally Manage Your K8s ConfigMaps & Secrets Data

Kubernetes (K8s) ConfigMaps allow you to separate your application configuration data from your pod deployments. There are various ways to create ConfigMaps with kubectl and... Read More